Oscar Rivas versus Ryan Rozicki breakdown

This is a good fight though unfortunately one that has an unneeded title attached to it. This fight will crown the first WBC Bridger weight world champion, an unneeded division recently made up by the WBC. Mauricio Sulaiman who is currently the head of the WBC decided that small heavyweights had no chance against biggerContinue reading “Oscar Rivas versus Ryan Rozicki breakdown”

Ryan Rozicki versus Sylvera Louis breakdown

This shouldn’t be that good of a fight as Rozicki is a young cruiser weight with a lot of power while Louis is 38 and is very washed up at this point of his career. Rozicki is 12-0 with 12 knockouts while Louis is 8-6 with four knockouts. Louis retired in 2016 but came backContinue reading “Ryan Rozicki versus Sylvera Louis breakdown”