Ryan Rozicki versus Sylvera Louis breakdown

This shouldn’t be that good of a fight as Rozicki is a young cruiser weight with a lot of power while Louis is 38 and is very washed up at this point of his career. Rozicki is 12-0 with 12 knockouts while Louis is 8-6 with four knockouts. Louis retired in 2016 but came backContinue reading “Ryan Rozicki versus Sylvera Louis breakdown”

Oscar Rivas versus Sylvera Louis 2 breakdown

While the first fight was competitive I can’t see this being the case in this one. Rivas has progressed and done well as a pro while Louis has been going 50-50 in any competitive fight. At this stage of their careers Oscar Rivas is the much better fight and has been more active as LouisContinue reading “Oscar Rivas versus Sylvera Louis 2 breakdown”