Oscar Rivas versus Ryan Rozicki breakdown

This is a good fight though unfortunately one that has an unneeded title attached to it. This fight will crown the first WBC Bridger weight world champion, an unneeded division recently made up by the WBC. Mauricio Sulaiman who is currently the head of the WBC decided that small heavyweights had no chance against bigger ones and that a division needed to be put in place to help them out. This was of course proven wrong not two years since the division was created when Oleksandr Usyk beat Anthony Joshua to become unified heavyweight champion. Usyk was a cruiserweight moving up and had no problems beating the much bigger man. Povetkin was another small heavyweight that had a very successful career. Wilder has rarely weighed more than 220 lb’s and yet is one of the most successful heavyweights of this era. To me this is just a blatant chance for Sulaiman to create his own division and attempt to follow in his fathers footsteps. I think the WBC is being run into the ground by incompetence and most likely corruption.

Ryan Rozicki

This will be a fun fight while it lasts until someone gets knocked out. I think it’s likely Rivas lands something big on Rozicki and wins by knockout as Rozicki doesn’t have the greatest defence and isn’t used to being hit by heavyweights in a professional ring. I can also see a situation where Rozicki simply outworks Rivas who doesn’t throw nearly enough punches.


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