Rolando Romero versus Anthony Yigit breakdown

This is a decent fight though Yigit is coming in on short notice and hasn’t fought for over two years. He also came overweight for this fight and was thinking about retiring earlier this year. Without going deep into this I personally think Romero is going to knock Yigit out in six or seven roundsContinue reading “Rolando Romero versus Anthony Yigit breakdown”

Rolando Romero versus Avery Sparrow breakdown

This will be an interesting fight between two lightweights who are more towards the domestic USA level. Romero won a robbery last time out and was exposed as struggling with people that can box. Sparrow is a talented fighter but has shot himself in the foot multiple times with his decision making out the ring.Continue reading “Rolando Romero versus Avery Sparrow breakdown”

5 fighters who Ryan Garcia could fight next

After Garcia’s recent fight I thought i’d have a look at who he can realistically fight next and how likely that any of the fights are made. Ryan Garcia can become a real star in boxing if he can keep winning and especially if he can keep winning impressively like he did versus Luke Campbell.Continue reading “5 fighters who Ryan Garcia could fight next”