Rolando Romero versus Avery Sparrow breakdown

This will be an interesting fight between two lightweights who are more towards the domestic USA level. Romero won a robbery last time out and was exposed as struggling with people that can box. Sparrow is a talented fighter but has shot himself in the foot multiple times with his decision making out the ring. He gets an opportunity short notice for this fight however he seems to be in shape.

Avery Sparrow

I think this fight will be competitive and if Sparrow was going with the game plan of boxing and moving then i’d back him to win but get robbed on the cards however he’s said hes gonna come forward and trade which is in Romero’s favour. Romero might not be a great boxer but hes certainly a solid puncher and a toe to toe battle suits him perfectly especially when he feels he has something to prove after his last fight. I predict Romero will win by late knockout or a 8-2 decision.


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