Vic Pasillas versus Raeese Aleem breakdown

This is the fight i’m most looking forward to this weekend as its between two unbeaten contenders at Super Bantamweight and Vic Pasillas is someone i’m personally very high on. Pasillas is currently 16-0 and Raeese Aleem is 17-0. Neither have faced stunning competition however both had good fights and opponents last time out though Pasillas certainly faced the tougher opponent.

Vic Pasillas is probably one of the most underrated fighters in the sport and if he hadn’t had personal issues involving drugs he’d most likely already be a world champion and an established name. Hes got excellent technical skills, is very hard to hit clean and puts his combinations together with ease. The thing that impressed me most was in his last fight instead of just out boxing his opponent which he could have done the whole fight he went for the finish after breaking him down through the first five rounds. To get to the top that killer instinct is needed and he proved he has it. From what I’ve watched I don’t see many weaknesses at all as I don’t think getting into exchanges when your ahead on the scorecards is a weakness as its just part of being a successful boxer perhaps doing that against a massive puncher wouldn’t be advisable though.

Vic Pasillas

Raeese Aleem is a solid boxer who likes to come forward in most of his fights. He doesn’t do anything flashy but hes consistent with his work rate and has shown hes a level above a lot of domestic fighters in the USA. His defence isn’t the best and while he stopped Marcus Bates in his last fight he was getting tagged coming in sometimes though that could be because he didn’t respect the smaller Bate’s power at all. I think hes a good fighter who’s solid fundamentally but doesn’t quite have the talent or power of Pasillas.

Raeese Aleem

I think Vic Pasillas will win by knockout in the second half of the fight due to being better technically and having more tools to win the fight with. Aleem has to win by coming forward and hoping Pasillas gets tired or stands still while Pasillas can win by boxing from the outside or most likely a mix of outside and inside work using angles.


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