Devin Haney versus Joseph Diaz breakdown

This should be a good fight though one where I think Haney is a clear favorite. Devin Haney is defending his WBC Lightweight world title for the 4th time versus former world champion and top contender Joseph Diaz. Earlier this year Diaz lost his world title at super featherweight on the scale by missing weightContinue reading “Devin Haney versus Joseph Diaz breakdown”

Devin Haney versus Jorge Linares announced for May 29th in Las Vegas

This is an excellent fight between two top Lightweights who both need a big win to stand out at the weight. Jorge Linares is a three weight world champion but may be slightly past his best while Devin Haney is 25-0 but doesn’t have a real marquee victory yet. His win over Gamboa is aContinue reading “Devin Haney versus Jorge Linares announced for May 29th in Las Vegas”

5 fighters who Ryan Garcia could fight next

After Garcia’s recent fight I thought i’d have a look at who he can realistically fight next and how likely that any of the fights are made. Ryan Garcia can become a real star in boxing if he can keep winning and especially if he can keep winning impressively like he did versus Luke Campbell.Continue reading “5 fighters who Ryan Garcia could fight next”

Devin Haney versus Yuriorkis Gamboa

Devin Haney is one of the best up and coming fighters in the sport and could potentially become a star within a few years. Yuriorkis Gamboa used to be a very good fighter but that was five or six year ago and he’s well past his best now. Gamboa isn’t a natural lightweight either butContinue reading “Devin Haney versus Yuriorkis Gamboa”

The new generation of boxing super stars is coming through

Boxing is always going through a transitional stage and while sometimes its more glaringly obvious that things are changing the truth is that boxing never stays still. Recently a lot of the stars of the previous generation have retired such as Floyd Mayweather, Shane Mosley, Andre Ward and Miguel Cotto. With these retirements the focusContinue reading “The new generation of boxing super stars is coming through”