Miguel Madueno versus Jose Luis Rodriguez breakdown

This is a stay busy fight for Madueno who is a rising contender in the lightweight division. He’s 25-0 with 23 knockouts and the power he shows on his record is real. Jose Luis Rodriguez is a tough journeyman who’s aim will be to go the distance in this fight. I think Miguel Madueno willContinue reading “Miguel Madueno versus Jose Luis Rodriguez breakdown”

Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo versus Sonny Fredrickson breakdown

This is a good fight between unbeaten power puncher Angulo and veteran contender Fredrickson. Angulo is 24-0 with 22 knockouts but hasn’t faced the same level of competition that Fredrickson has. Angulo is the bigger puncher of the two and is a lot more aggressive. He doesn’t stop punching until his opponents can’t continue, heContinue reading “Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo versus Sonny Fredrickson breakdown”

Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo versus Bergman Aguilar breakdown

This is Angulo’s American debut and while its not against a great opponent its good too see him start to build his name in America. He’s currently 22-0 with 20 knockouts and seems to be a very good prospect. Angulo is a decent puncher and throws a lot of punches per round. He has decentContinue reading “Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo versus Bergman Aguilar breakdown”