Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo versus Bergman Aguilar breakdown

This is Angulo’s American debut and while its not against a great opponent its good too see him start to build his name in America. He’s currently 22-0 with 20 knockouts and seems to be a very good prospect.

Angulo is a decent puncher and throws a lot of punches per round. He has decent technical skills and at 22 has a lot of time to improve.

Bergman Aguilar is a journeyman now and normally gets stopped when he steps up in competition at this stage of his career. He’s not a terrible fighter but isn’t on the level of Angulo and loses to most prospects.

Bergman Aguilar

I think Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo will win this fight by early knockout due to having more power and being technically better. He’s also closer to his prime than Bergman Aguilar who is heavily on the slide.


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