Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo versus Sonny Fredrickson breakdown

This is a good fight between unbeaten power puncher Angulo and veteran contender Fredrickson. Angulo is 24-0 with 22 knockouts but hasn’t faced the same level of competition that Fredrickson has. Angulo is the bigger puncher of the two and is a lot more aggressive. He doesn’t stop punching until his opponents can’t continue, he has little regard for his own defence. Fredrickson is a competent boxer-puncher who is on a three fight slide right now.

Sonny Fredrickson

I think this fight may go similarly to the Alex Saucedo fight where Fredrickson survives but struggles to compete versus the superior power of his opponent. If he can survive the early rounds then he could have success late on if Angulo gasses out, however I expect it to be to little to late. Angulo will likely win a decision after ten rounds due to being the bigger puncher and his fairly impressive body work.


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