Boxing starts from the ground up

Boxing is often remembered by fans for the big nights involving thousands of people and some of the greatest fighters to step into the ring. This is only logical as those are the nights and sights that most people see and the big nights don’t come around to often so they are special memories for people. For the casual boxing fan the big events or even just televised events are the only boxing they watch, and again this is understandable.

What a lot of people forget is that every boxer has to start somewhere, a debut has to be made. Often in some sports centre close to where the fighter grew up with a few friends and family attending to make it worth it for the promoter to have them on the card. That’s how the majority of boxers start their careers and without the small hall shows boxing wouldn’t exist. A good proportion of the talent shown on television started from humble beginnings and perhaps more importantly the tough tests for up and coming stars almost always come originally from the small hall scene.

Another important reason for small hall shows and local boxing is that it creates an interest and a boxing culture where ever they are. It also allows fans to watch live boxing without having to travel sometimes hundreds of miles and spend huge amounts of money. A thriving local boxing scene with regular cards will allow for talent in the area to grow and this is seen throughout the world. Mexico still has a thriving club scene and they produce huge amounts of talented fighters. Phildelphia has a lot of local shows and regularly produces good fighters.

If there’s a local boxing show you can go to I’d highly recommend going. The atmosphere’s are normally great because of the smaller venues and that most of the fans have come to see specific fighters so really get into the fights. It’s a different experience to going to a big fight but one equally worth going to. You’ll also help out the local scene and likely get to know who the local boxers are as well as other people that go to the cards if you carrying on going yourself.


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