Marlon Tapales versus Hiroaki Teshigawara breakdown

This is a good fight between two top 25 super bantamweights who are at different stages of their career’s. Tapales had success at bantamweight before missing weight and moving up to 122. He’s not looked quite as good at super bantamweight and was stopped by Ryosuke Iwasa a few years ago. Teshigawara has been onContinue reading “Marlon Tapales versus Hiroaki Teshigawara breakdown”

Hiroaki Teshigawara versus Shingo Kawamura breakdown

Similar to a lot of fights coming out of the pandemic I believe this is a tune up fight. Hiroaki is a real contender at Super Bantamweight and will be looking to move on to world level soon. Shingo Kawamura is on a bad run of form and looks to have been brought in toContinue reading “Hiroaki Teshigawara versus Shingo Kawamura breakdown”