Marlon Tapales versus Hiroaki Teshigawara breakdown

This is a good fight between two top 25 super bantamweights who are at different stages of their career’s. Tapales had success at bantamweight before missing weight and moving up to 122. He’s not looked quite as good at super bantamweight and was stopped by Ryosuke Iwasa a few years ago. Teshigawara has been on a massive winning spree over the last four years and has both come on in terms of his boxing ability and his punch power.

Marlon Tapales

I think this fight will come down to momentum and size. Teshigawara is on the rise while Tapales has only had one tune up fight since being stopped in a fight he was supposed to win. He’s also the much smaller man and over the course of a twelve round fight that will come into play. I think Teshigawara will win by the stoppage in the second half of the fight after a grueling back and forth battle where his size and power come to the fore and secure him the victory.

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