Hiroaki Teshigawara versus Shingo Kawamura breakdown

Similar to a lot of fights coming out of the pandemic I believe this is a tune up fight. Hiroaki is a real contender at Super Bantamweight and will be looking to move on to world level soon. Shingo Kawamura is on a bad run of form and looks to have been brought in to lose while giving Hiroaki a few rounds.

Hiroaki Teshigawara is a patient fighter who boxes mainly on the back foot but doesn’t move around the ring that much. He sets his feet well and counters when given the opportunity. When he’s not countering hes marauding into his opponents with one or two punches before resetting. He seems to have respectable power and solid timing. His foot work is solid and combined with his upper body movement makes up his defence because he keeps his hands low almost all the time. He throws his punches both to the body and head.

Shingo Kawamura isn’t a bad fighter I just feel he isn’t on Teshigawaras level. He does have some power though not as much as Teshigawara. His defence isn’t the best but he does keep his hands up decently. The problem with his defence is that his footwork leaves him standing in place for punches sometimes and he lacks both upper body and head movement. When he’s on the offensive he does have some nice hooks and straight shots which seem to have power on them. I think if he lets his hands go a little more he would have a lot more success though against an accurate counter puncher like Teshigawara that might not be a good idea.

Shingo Kawamura

I think Hiroaki Teshigawara will win this fight by TKO in the seventh or eighth round after a competitive opening. I think Teshigawara’s more powerful punches combined with his timing will wear Kawamura down enough that a stoppage can be forced.


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