Shinobu Charlie Hosokawa versus Rei Nakajima breakdown

This is a good domestic level fight in Japan where Rei Nakajima who is seen as a rising prospect takes on a massive test versus Hosokawa who has mixed with good fighters with varied results.

Shinobu Charlie Hosokawa is a good technical boxer who moves around the ring a lot. He generally boxes off the back foot and tries not to engage in exchanges with his opponents too much. He’s accurate and has a really solid jab which I think is the best tool in his arsenal. His defence is solid and he seems to have a good chin as hes never been stopped though he has been dropped before. He has solid power especially considering he often fights on the back foot. If he set his feet a bit more and used a bit less movement I think he would end up stopping most of the opponents hes lost too.

Rei Nakajima has very good technical skills and might be a bit more solid fundamentally than Hosokawa. His record doesn’t show much power but he does seem to hit quite hard. He can box both on the front foot and back but is offensively best when fighting on the front foot. He throws nice combinations and has a good defence considering he has his hands down so much. I think his punches seem a bit more crisp than Hosokawa’s. He is also only 22 so has youth on his side but still has experience because of a good amateur career.

Rei Nakajima

I’m not sure who is going to win this fight but I am leaning slightly towards Rei Nakajima by decision because he is the younger fresher fighter who is combinations seem a bit faster and more hurtful.


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