Viktor Kotochigov versus Maxi Hughes breakdown

This is a solid fight between a battle tested Maxi Hughes and Kazak prospect Kotochigov. Hughes put on a career best performance versus Jono Carroll and will be looking to continue his good run of form here. This is Kotochigov’s big step up to see if hes really ready for fringe world level.

Maxi Hughes is a good solid boxer that has decent fundamentals. He has decent timing especially in his last fight. He doesn’t really have any power but with his style he doesn’t need it. He’s not a massive combination puncher and mostly throws single shots or perhaps two or three at most. His defence isn’t great though he has a decent chin. He has lost at domestic level in the UK multiple times but seems to be on a good run of form now whether he can keep that up is another question.

Viktor Kotochigov had a decent amateur background but nothing too out of the ordinary. Hes had quite a slow pro career so far and this is his first real step up. He has a decent jab and can counter punch really well. His defence is relatively average and he can be timed to an extent. He does have decent power but doesn’t go to the body enough in my opinion.

Viktor Kotochigov

I’m going to pick Maxi Hughes to win this fight by decision because hes in form and seems to have really improved. His timing and straight punches should be enough for him to win at least six rounds. Kotochigov could win if his extra power wears Hughes down late and he can gain Hughes respect early with it.


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