Hovhannes Bachkov versus Samuel Gonzalez breakdown

This is an excellent fight for Bachkov on his debut and shows he means to move very quickly in the Super Lightweight division. Samuel Gonzalez is a seasoned campaigner who has a record of 22-6 and has pushed good names close on the cards.

Hovhannes Bachkov in the amateurs was an aggressive pressure fighter that still has solid defence because he keeps his gloves up constantly and has good foot work. I’m not sure how much power he has but with his style its likely that he’ll get a lot of stoppages as a pro. He had a great amateur career and with that background is solid in everything fundamentally.

Samuel Gonzalez is a bit of a brawler himself and seems to have good power. His jab is decent but his hands are relatively slow. I also think he keeps his hands low too much. I don’t think he does anything better than Bachkov and his defence is certainly worse.

Samuel Gonzalez

I think Hovhannes Bachkov will win this fight by decision or late stoppage in what would be a bit of a statement victory. I’m excited to watch his career going forward.


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