Interview with Nikodem Jeżewski, rising Cruiserweight contender

Nikodem Jeżewski is a rising contender in the Cruiserweight division who recently won his first professional title. He was nice enough to answer a few questions from us at Boxingfulcrum.

How did it feel to win your first belt as a professional recently and was that belt one you’ve wanted to win since you turned pro?

Yes, I’m very happy, but its only a next step to bigger challenge.

Who would you say your hardest opponent was?

I think the hardest opponent in my career was Michael Cieslak.

What would you say your long term goals in boxing are?

I want Fights with top 30 Cruiserweight and maybe some title shot

How difficult did you find it training in a global pandemic?

Its a very hard time for all people. But for a Profighters its ok, because we have a private gyms and trainings rooms. I train all Day in a Year because its my Job, and I love This! 😉

I’d like to thank Nikodem for taking the time to answer my questions and wish him luck in his future fights!


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