Elvis Rodriguez versus Cameron Krael breakdown.

Rodriguez has made the most of lock down by scoring three massive knockouts in Top Ranks bubble in Las Vegas. He takes a step up against gatekeeper Cameron Krael who is probably the best 50/50 fighter in the sport currently.

Elvis Rodriguez has great boxing skills and huge power which seems natural. He has great timing and is very relaxed in the ring which is why I think he gets so many knockouts. His defence is good as well because of his excellent foot work.

Cameron Krael’s best part of his arsenal is his toughness and heart. He is sometimes a bit of a slow starter but as the fight goes on he just keeps getting better and doesn’t let his opponents off the hook. He punches a bit harder than his record suggests but hes not a power puncher by any means. His defence is the thing that will let him down the most in this fight as he is the sort of fighter who takes one to give one and versus a massive puncher like Rodriguez thats not a good idea.

Cameron Krael

I think Elvis Rodriguez will make a statement and be only the second person to stop Cameron Krael. I think Krael gets hit too much to get through eight rounds of Rodriguez’s power and being a slow starter won’t help him at all.


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