Rustam Tulaganov versus Beibi Berrocal breakdown

Tulaganov continues to progress quickly in his career by taking on Berrocal in only his fourth fight. It’s not as big of a risk as it looks however as Berrocal hasn’t won for a while and seems to be washed up at this point. Rustam Tulaganov was a good amateur and has the technical skillsContinue reading “Rustam Tulaganov versus Beibi Berrocal breakdown”

Mathieu Bauderlique versus Beibi Berrocal breakdown

This should be an easy fight for Mathieu Bauderlique who is coming off almost a year lay off. Beibi Berrocal is also coming off a year lay off from his loss to a kick boxer making his debut in professional boxing. Mathieu Bauderlique is good technically and had an extensive amateur background which included goingContinue reading “Mathieu Bauderlique versus Beibi Berrocal breakdown”