Rustam Tulaganov versus Beibi Berrocal breakdown

Tulaganov continues to progress quickly in his career by taking on Berrocal in only his fourth fight. It’s not as big of a risk as it looks however as Berrocal hasn’t won for a while and seems to be washed up at this point.

Rustam Tulaganov was a good amateur and has the technical skills you expect from one. He’s not shown massive power yet however the only opponent he’s faced over a distance longer than six rounds is tough so him only having one knockout isn’t a terrible sign yet.

Beibi Berrocal isn’t as good as Tulaganov in almost any aspect and while he’s only 33 he seems to be past his prime and is being used as a measuring stick for fighters. He was recently beat by a kick boxer making his debut which perhaps shows what stage of his career he’s at.

Beibi Berrocal

I think Rustam Tulaganov will win by knockout due to being in his prime and having the better technical skills. He’s also got all the momentum behind him while Berrocal may just be in boxing for a few more paydays at this point.


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