Pavel Silyagin versus Omar Garcia breakdown

This is a decent step up for Silyagin who is only 5-0 but is already fighting decent fighters. Omar Garcia is a decent fighter who has had success on the road before in Russia which is where this fight is taking place.

Pavel Silyagin was a good international amateur who also participated in the World Series of boxing. He has a good jab which seems to do real damage and he throws it both to the body and head which is great to see. He is technically very good though can seem a bit robotic and stiff at times. I think he has shown a good level of power so far in his career.

Omar Garcia isn’t a bad fighter himself and while he’s not technically the best he has shown good attributes in fights which has led him to upsetting a fighter or two. He has a lot of power and if he catches people clean he’ll likely stun or hurt them. He is decent at landing big counter hooks in exchanges and I’ve watched him clip good fighters such as Aidos Yerbossnuly with his counter right hooks. While his defence isn’t good he doesn’t get hit all that much until he starts to tire after constant pressure from opponents. He doesn’t jab very often however unlike Silyagin has a little bit of an inside game though its still very little.

Omar Garcia

I think Pavel Silyagin will win a decision due to working behind his jab and making Garcia reset constantly. I think while it’ll be competitive early Silyagin will tire Garcia out by using his jab to constantly pressure him and take over late in the fight.


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