Albert Batyrgaziev versus Sibusiso Zingange breakdown

This is yet another good fight for Batyrgaziev considering how early he is in his career. He’s only 2-0 with two knockouts but has already faced two solid opponents with good records. He was a standout amateur and is being progressed quickly as a pro. For this fight he’s moving back down to his more natural weight of featherweight rather than being up at Super Featherweight where he had a height disadvantage. Zingange is a domestic fighter in South Africa who has had success domestically but was stopped quickly when he stepped up in competition.

Albert Batyrgaziev has a relentless style where he’ll throw a lot of punches and never run out of stamina. He doesn’t always come forwards but will do when he senses his opponents tiring or feels he can do. He has good counters and is great technically though might need to sharpen up a little bit defensively to win a world title. His defence isn’t bad its just that he occasionally gets hit by punches he probably shouldn’t be getting hit by though that may be because he was at a height and reach disadvantage. I’m not sure how much power he has as while he has two knockouts at a higher weight class those were due to volume and his opponents getting tired instead of his power, he may punch harder at featherweight however.

Sibusiso Zingange is fairly tall for a featherweight and has an aggressive style. He throws a huge amounts of 1-2’s and puts a lot of power behind his punches. He overextends a lot while doing this which should give good fighters lots of opportunities to hit him. He isn’t technically great but seems to have good stamina and isn’t afraid to get into exchanges and throw massive overhand rights. I don’t think his defence is great and its not a great sign for him that in the one fight where he left South Africa and stepped up in competition versus Jeremiah Nakathila he was stopped in six rounds.

I think Albert Batyrgaziev will win by knockout in the second half of this ten rounder due to being technically better and Zingange leaving lots of openings when he punches which will suit Batyrgaziev as he’s a good counter puncher.


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