Caleb Plant versus Caleb Truax breakdown

This will be Caleb Plant’s third title defence and unfortunately its just as bad as his other two defences. Caleb Plant is a talented fighter with a great story and when he won the IBF Super middleweight world title I was happy for him but since then his run of form has been terrible. Caleb Truax has been a solid contender in the middle and super middleweight divisions for the last ten years but is well past his prime at this point and close to retirement.

Caleb Plant is a smooth boxer who doesn’t have a whole load of power. He can move and box with the best at 168 and truly puts his combinations together well but just doesn’t have the power that others at the weight class do. He’s certainly a top 5 super middleweight and world level which are things that can’t be said about Truax at this point.

Caleb Plant

Caleb Truax in his prime was a good fighter who lost when stepping up to the top level. His one big win was when he won the IBF Super middleweight title in a big upset versus James DeGale. He lost the rematch and has been treading water for the last three years before getting this title shot. He didn’t look good at all in his last fight and in my opinion has clearly declined.

Caleb Truax

Its hard to see anything but a Caleb Plant victory in this fight due to him being a world class fighter in their prime versus a guy who even in his prime wouldn’t be favored to win this fight. I have a lot of respect for Truax and how he pulled the big upset win on the road to win his world title but I just think he’s to far past it to make this fight competitive and I see him being stopped between rounds seven and ten.


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