Michael Polite Coffie versus Darmani Rock breakdown

This is an excellent match up between two unbeaten American heavyweights who are just now getting their chance to fight on television and make a name for themselves. Coffie has been an unexpected addition on two Fox TV cards so far most likely due to the pandemic and hes taken those opportunity’s and made the most of them by knocking out his two opponents in a combined seven rounds. Darmani Rock has slowly been building his record (17-0) in small hall events off television but now the 24 four year old from Philadelphia gets his first big show and test. A lot of people that know boxing very well think hes talented but has had problems with not training enough and coming into fights overweight especially in recent years where you can see from his boxrec hes been weighing in heavier and heavier as time goes on.

Michael Polite Coffie has only been a pro for just over three years but is progressing quickly towards world level because of his age of 34. Due to his age he doesn’t need 20 developmental fights and can’t really afford to slowly work his way towards a title shot especially considering how hard it is to get on television and get these opportunities hes getting. I imagine other fighters were offered what hes been offered but weren’t ready or weren’t willing to take a risk to advance their careers so all credit has to be given to Coffie.

Michael Polite Coffie

Coffie isn’t the most technically proficient fighter you’ll see but hes not bad and clearly thinks about what hes doing in the ring which makes him better than 90% of heavyweights. He’s not that active but carries a good level of power however I do think hes susceptible to being outworked by a more active fighter who is at least somewhat defensively responsible. He doesn’t use the jab to set up much or as a weapon and mostly throws 1-2’s and big hooks though the hooks are mostly counters. He does work consistently to the body in his fights and can put combinations together decently when he wants too. His defence is a bit questionable but he seems to take punches well. I’m not a big fan of how he attempts a sort of shoulder roll to get away from punches especially in his last fight where he ended up getting caught by the punches he was turning away from anyway. I think his biggest strength is his calmness in the ring, he doesn’t get panicked when an opponent hits him or is pushing forward and similarly doesn’t get excited and punch himself out if he gets an opponent hurt.

Darmani Rock is a talented fighter who enjoyed success in the amateurs at an international level. He’s got a slick style where he makes opponents miss before punishing them with four or five punch combinations. His defence is certainly the best part of his game however he also puts his punches together well and works to the body consistently. He seems comfortable in the ring and considering his size moves very well which is rare for a heavyweight. Combine moving well with having fast hands and it seems like you would have a world class prospect that everyone wants right? At this point you might ask why its taken 17 fights for someone to take a chance on him and that solely comes down to his weight issues. Ever since he left the amateurs hes put on weight and gone from weighing 246 for his debut to heights of 289. He doesn’t look like the same fighter with the extra weight as he can’t move properly and everything he does looks sluggish in my opinion. This is sad too see as if you look at old footage you can see the talent and potential he has if he wasn’t overweight for his fights.

Darmani Rock

A lot of my prediction for this fight will depend on the weigh in. If Darmani Rock comes in at a good weight I think he’ll win a decision or late stoppage because hes the more talented athletic fighter who puts his combinations together well combined with solid defence. When he’s not overweight he has a good output and as I mentioned above I think a fighter with decent output and a solid defence could beat Coffie so stylistically Rock should win if hes in shape. If he isn’t in shape I personally think Coffie will likely do enough to win a decision or even get a late stoppage once Rock gasses out. Coffie doesn’t have fast hands but hes purposeful and can catch the slowed Rock with big punches and his work to the body will be especially effective if Rock turns up out of shape. I don’t think he’ll be phrased by anything Rock does as well because of how calm he is in the ring which can certainly work to his advantage if a 280 pound Rock is trying to walk him down and is used to opponents being intimidated.


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