Sadriddin Akhmedov versus Stephen Danyo breakdown

This is a solid step up fight for Akhmedov who is regarded as being one of the best prospects in the Super Welterweight division. Stephen Danyo is a very underrated fighter who has only lost three times too good fighters and in his third loss I felt he was robbed badly.

Sadriddin Akhmedov was a good amateur who had success at the international level though didn’t have a huge amount of bouts past the age of 18 so his pro career so far has consisted of him getting used to fighting grown men. He has a good jab and fundamentals when he wants to use them but versus lower level competition he’ll often jump in with big right hooks or over extend with 1-2’s. He fights on the front foot but does his best work when his opponents open up and he is able to counter them. His quick reflexes enable him to punish foes after they miss their punches which has led to him winning by knockout in ten of his eleven victory’s. His defence seems solid to me though it is based on reaction speed as his hands are often a little low in the hopes of baiting the other boxers in.

Stephen Danyo is a solid fighter however doesn’t have the fundamentals that Akhmedov has. His jab doesn’t have much on it and rather than using it to set his punches up he mostly uses it too keep his opponents at range. He’ll throw a lot of wild shots including overhand rights before going back on the back foot and circling the ring. He can fight toe to toe but I don’t think hes fully comfortable doing that. His defence isn’t great but is serviceable enough that he won’t just eat every punch thrown at him. He doesn’t do anything especially well but he also doesn’t do anything especially bad.

Stephen Danyo

I think Sadriddin Akhmedov will be able to win a decision due to his better fundamentals and the ample opportunity’s he’ll have to counter Danyo’s wild punches. Once Danyo feels the power behind some of the counter punches he’ll likely stop throwing as much which will make it very hard to win against Akhmedov who has a decent output and looks to win rounds decisively with big punches.

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