Steven Butler versus Jose de Jesus Macias breakdown

This is a good comeback fight for Butler who was unsuccessful in his first world title fight versus Japan’s Ryota Murata last time out. Jose De Jesus Macias is a tough journeyman at this stage of his career who is used to give rounds to aspiring prospects and contenders who need a comeback opponent.

Steven Butler has decent fundamentals which he uses to box his way around the ring as he isn’t generally a come forward brawler. Unlike many fighters that fight off the back foot and counter Butler does possess fight ending power which he uses to full effect as shown by 24 of his 28 wins being by knockout. When he gets his opponents hurt he goes for the finish instead of letting them off the hook which is good too see from someone that spends a lot of time attempting to be the counter puncher. His defence needs work however its competent for this level of fight and he shouldn’t get hit all that much.

Jose de Jesus Macias isn’t as bad of a fighter as his record might suggest however he is still a gatekeeper for good prospects and fighters looking to get a win after losing at world level. He’s very tough but doesn’t throw many punches which is partly why he can cover up well enough to make the distance versus prospects that people think will make it to world level. When he uses his jab its accurate and snaps the head back of his opponents however he just doesn’t throw enough.

Jose de Jesus Macias

I think Steven Butler will win this fight by late stoppage due to being technically more proficient and that he just simply throws more punches and is willing to take risks to win. While Macias is tough I think once Butler realizes he can punch almost at will without much coming back at him he’ll gun for the stoppage and likely overwhelm him in the latter half of the fight when Macias gets tired.


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