Mathieu Bauderlique versus Beibi Berrocal breakdown

This should be an easy fight for Mathieu Bauderlique who is coming off almost a year lay off. Beibi Berrocal is also coming off a year lay off from his loss to a kick boxer making his debut in professional boxing.

Mathieu Bauderlique is good technically and had an extensive amateur background which included going to the 2016 Olympics. He has decent power though nothing that you’d write home about.

Beibi Berrocal has lost every time hes fought outside of Columbia and I can’t see this time being any different. At this point in his career hes a journeyman and struggles to go the distance with prospects now.

Beibi Berrocal

I think Mathieu Bauderlique should win by stoppage in four or five rounds due to being the all round better boxer who also has the momentum behind him.


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