Joshua Franco versus Andrew Moloney 3 breakdown

I’m excited for the end of this trilogy as the first fight was good and the second fight ended in controversy. Joshua Franco, who is no stranger to trilogy’s, dominated the majority of the first fight and rightfully won a decision. In the second fight, Andrew Moloney boxed well for two rounds and seemingly causedContinue reading “Joshua Franco versus Andrew Moloney 3 breakdown”

Whats next for Andrew Moloney, Joshua Franco plus rest of card?

This was one of the better cards that Top Rank have produced on paper since coming back and it also delivered in the ring. The first fight was a bit of a sloppy heavyweight fight between Helaman Olguin and Adam Stewart. Both looked like they belonged more in the club circuit and while Olguin wonContinue reading “Whats next for Andrew Moloney, Joshua Franco plus rest of card?”