Whats next for Andrew Moloney, Joshua Franco plus rest of card?

This was one of the better cards that Top Rank have produced on paper since coming back and it also delivered in the ring.

The first fight was a bit of a sloppy heavyweight fight between Helaman Olguin and Adam Stewart. Both looked like they belonged more in the club circuit and while Olguin won the fight he’ll need to work on his fitness to progress in the sport. They can both serve as B-sides to prospects and earn decent money doing so.

Miguel Contreras versus Rolando Vargas was a great fight between two talented young fighters. Contreras has likely been signed by Top Rank after winning that so his career should go from strength to strength. Fighting a veteran with 20 or so fights in an 8 rounder would be a good fight for him. Vargas lost but he still looked like a good prospect and at 20 can certainly come back. He should get a couple comeback fights at a lower level but he’ll soon be ready to step up again and it wouldn’t surprise me if Top Rank signed him.

Christoper Diaz versus Jason Sanchez was a decent fight that was largely dominated by Diaz. I thought he looked a lot better than before and has noticeably improved. He should get a big fight versus Jessie Magdaleno or Micheal Conlan next. Sanchez can come back as hes only 25 and fights with Oscar Escandon or Toka Kahn Clary would be good winnable fights for him.

The main event was a great fight where Joshua Franco clearly won. The judges almost got it wrong but luckily Franco dominated the last half of the fight enough to win. I think if possible he should aim for Roman Gonzalez or Jerwin Ancajas. Andrew Moloney put up a good fight and showed his skills and heart. He has plenty of time to come back and could fight Jerwin Ancajas or Carlos Cuadras next both of them being very winnable fights.


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