Jason Moloney versus Leonardo Baez breakdown

Jason Moloney (20-1) will be fighting Leonardo Baez (18-2) over 10 rounds in the Bantamweight division. Moloney’s only loss came in his first shot at a world title versus Emmanuel Rodriguez where he was on the wrong side of a split decision verdict. Baez has had a few early losses with one of them coming to Julio Cesar Martinez the current WBC Flyweight champion. Whoever wins this fight will get their career best win though Baez currently has the better wins out of the two of them in my opinion.

Moloney has a decent jab and is at his most comfortable when he’s moving in and out of range getting shots off. I wouldn’t say hes especially great on the inside and if he does get dragged into a war where he needs to exchange I think he will suffer like his brother did. He works the body well and consistently goes to it which is one of the things I like too see a fighter do as I think its a bit of a lost art form that is very effective.

He’s not especially hard to hit but seems to have a decent chin which makes up for it to an extent.

Baez isn’t especially hard to hit either and while he uses some head movement he normally stands in front of his opponent and bangs away at their body and head. Baez really puts his weight behind his shots especially his left hook to the body which he’ll often double up on. He’s very tough and has no problem exchanging shots with his opponents. He’s the bigger fighter of the two and can use his strength to make Moloney uncomfortable on the inside.

At range he has a serviceable jab and likes to throw the overhand right along with a variety of hooks. Baez is at his best once he gets into a fight and if Moloney can offset that early then this could be a long night for him.

I think i’m going to lean very slightly towards Baez in this fight due to him being the bigger man combined with the pressure of Moloney just seeing his brother lose. I can’t imagine his moral is great right now and that may effect him in the fight. With Baez moving down in weight he should be the stronger guy and he’ll need that as the judges won’t do him any favors. If Moloney is in the right head space and stays with a stick and move game plan and keeps to his strength I can certainly see him winning.

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