Abraham Nova versus Avery Sparrow breakdown

This is a very good fight between two rising contenders in the Super Featherweight division. This is a good step up in competition for Abraham Nova who looks like one of the better prospects in the division.

Nova is an aggressive fighter who works well to the body and has very nice uppercuts on the inside. He’s got good timing and power which he uses to break his opponents down. He has a decent jab and an average defense which I think is one of the few things he needs to improve on.

Avery Sparrow’s biggest enemy in the ring is what he does outside of it. He was supposed to be in a big fight with Ryan Garcia but ended up being arrested just a few days before. Hes a very good fighter who will likely be fighting on the back foot in this fight as he tries to stick and move. He has a good jab which he likes throwing to the body and beyond that he is in love with throwing his right hand. He has decent defense but can certainly be hit as Henry Lundy was hitting him even when he tried to use the philly shell. He has decent power though his record doesn’t show it.

I think Abraham Nova should be able to use his superior size and power to win a decision in a hard fought fight. Win or lose I hope Avery Sparrow gets his career back on track as he clearly has talent he just hasn’t been able to show it all that much yet.


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