Joshua Franco versus Andrew Moloney 3 breakdown

I’m excited for the end of this trilogy as the first fight was good and the second fight ended in controversy. Joshua Franco, who is no stranger to trilogy’s, dominated the majority of the first fight and rightfully won a decision. In the second fight, Andrew Moloney boxed well for two rounds and seemingly caused Franco’s eye to swell shut with well placed jabs. The referee disagreed and because it was before four rounds, the fight was declared a no contest.

I think Andrew Moloney’s best chance to regain his belt was in that second fight when Franco looked like he’d underestimated him. Coming into this third fight, Franco will know that he needs to be at his best and his trainer will come up with a good game plan for the fight. I personally see this fight going similarly to the first fight where after Moloney does well for a few rounds, Joshua Franco moves through the gears and simply outworks and out punches him. Franco showed in their first fight that hes the bigger puncher and isn’t afraid of exchanges. For Moloney to win he needs to keep this fight at range, only coming in to get short raiding attacks off before backing off and using his jab.

Andrew Moloney

I think Joshua Franco will win a decision after twelve rounds because I think he’ll be able to force Moloney to fight his fight down the stretch and will hurt him multiple times.


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