Artur Beterbiev versus Marcus Browne breakdown

This is a decent fight in the Light Heavyweight division between the number one in the division and a top 15 fighter in Marcus Browne. Artur Beterbiev is a unified champion and one of the biggest punchers in the sport. He currently has a 100% KO ratio and is currently the only champion in the sport with a 100% stoppage record. Marcus Browne is a good contender in the division but has been inactive after losing to Jean Pascal in 2019. He had a good amateur career which included participating in the 2012 Olympics. Beterbiev also took part in the 2012 Olympics and had a deep amateur background which also included taking part in the 2008 Olympics.

Artur Beterbiev is a big puncher who hits like he has hammers in his fists. His power isn’t explosive but more thudding to the point where it will break opponents down and sap their will away until they eventually crumble. He’s very strong and is surprisingly not showing many signs of slowing down considering hes 36. Beterbiev throws good combinations and sets his punches up so that he’s rarely in a position to be cleanly countered. His defense consists of blocking punches with a high guard or simply stepping out of range. I think his right hook to the body and his cuffing overhand rights are some of his most effective punches and will likely also be the key in this fight. Beterbiev has been dropped twice and looked hurt versus Callum Johnson but has recovered and won both of the fights he was knocked down in by knockout.

Marcus Browne has a good left hook and some decent fundamentals but lacks the variety of punches that Beterbiev throws. He also doesn’t throw in combination nearly as much in my opinion. Browne has the height advantage though is unlikely to be the stronger man come fight night. Similarly to Beterbiev, Browne has been dropped multiple times but has come back to win in all but one. If Browne can establish a solid jab he could attempt to make Beterbiev wary of coming into range due to the threat of a big left hand disguised behind the jab.

Marcus Browne

I think Artur Beterbiev will likely lose the first two rounds before coming on strong and stopping Browne in the 10th or 11th round. I don’t think Browne can keep his jab up enough to keep Beterbiev off him and Beterbiev is also experienced enough to get into range and start breaking Browne down with body shots. Browne will have to land something big to stop Beterbiev or hes going to slowly get crushed by the sledgehammers that Beterbiev calls fists.


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