Israil Madrimov versus Michel Soro breakdown

This is a good fight between a long time contender and a rising prospect with the winner going on to a world title fight next as this is a final eliminator. Israil Madrimov was hyped up to be the next big thing until he had a hard fight with Eric Walker last year. Michel Soro has been around world level for years but hasn’t got the opportunities hes deserved over the years. Soro has been inactive since 2019 which may play a factor in this fight. The fight is also taking place in Madrimov’s home country of Uzbekistan which means almost all of the cards are stacked in his favour.

Michel Soro is a good fighter with a lot of power and experience. He’s bigger than Madrimov which will likely cause Madrimov to jump in even more than he usually does. If he is to win I think it’ll likely be by knockout as he’ll catch Madrimov with a huge right hook as he jumps in or out of range.

Michel Soro

Israil Madrimov is a decent puncher himself and works well to the body. He has a few bad habits including jumping into range with his hands down.

I think unless Soro has fallen off in the two years since he last fought that he should be able to catch Madrimov jumping in and stop him in the 7th or 8th round. Madrimov could break Soro down with his body punching if Soro is rusty and hasn’t made the weight easily but I would be surprised and impressed.


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