Naoya Inoue versus Aran Dipaen breakdown

Naoya Inoue is one of the best fighters on the planet and certainly one of the biggest punchers in a P4P sense. He regularly stops world champions in one or two rounds and makes fights that should be hard look like he’s fighting novice journeymen. Due to all this it makes this fight hard to stomach due to how much of a mismatch it is. Aran Dipaen has had his most significant fights at super flyweight, the weight class below this one which is being contested at bantamweight, and has never truly competed at world level. He doesn’t have the experience, skill and power to compete with Inoue who is one of the more complete fighters in the sport. Dipaen’s record would suggest he holds power but his knockouts have come against very limited competition and when he’s stepped up that power hasn’t shown itself to be effective. He’s not all that responsible defensively which is not a great sign when he’s fighting someone with such power.

I expect Naoya Inoue to knock Dipaen out in one or two rounds due to the massive gap in skill, power and experience. Inoue has competed at world level and dominated for years while Dipaen has fought fighters with losing records and lost his two step up fights. His loss against Tommy Frank is a debatable loss but having a close fight with Frank isn’t a good sign for your chances at world level as Frank himself isn’t world class though isn’t a bad fighter and may achieve a European title at Super flyweight one day. After this fight Inoue needs to have a big fight next as his 2021 has been a waste especially considering the talent that he has.


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