Vasyl Lomachenko versus Richard Commey breakdown

This is a good fight and it’s a real credit to Lomachenko that he keeps on taking on good opposition throughout his career. Both of these fighters are former world champions and coming off stoppage wins.

Richard Commey

I can’t see Commey out-boxing Lomachenko so I think he’ll need to come forward and pressure Loma enough to make him uncomfortable and force a stoppage. I think it’s more likely Loma uses his angles and technical ability to out-box Commey and beat him by twelve round decision or potentially stop him late due to an accumulation of punches.


2 thoughts on “Vasyl Lomachenko versus Richard Commey breakdown

  1. Love to read your predictions. I can see you put a lot of efford into those breakdowns. These days boxing is alive, so many great fights. Wishing you all the best, you’re very good.

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    1. I appreciate that a lot, haven’t had the time to put in as much detail on the breakdowns as I’ve wanted recently but trying to up the quality again. Boxing is doing great at the moment, like you said so many good fights on a weekly basis.

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