Lyndon Arthur versus Anthony Yarde 2 breakdown

This should be a solid fight though one where I didn’t feel a rematch was needed as Arthur clearly won the fight and as the fight wasn’t for a world title I didn’t see the need for a rematch clause. This fight should be better than the first as both fighters have had a year to improve and Yarde especially seems to be in a better head space than he was last year.

In the last fight Lyndon Arthur won the fight with his jab and I can see him doing that again as Yarde has showed he doesn’t deal with opponents jabbing him very well. Kovalev jabbed him all night and I expect Arthur to do the same thing in this second fight as well.

Anthony Yarde

I expect Lyndon Arthur to use his jab to control the fight and win on points after twelve rounds. If Yarde can catch him after putting on some pressure it wouldn’t surprise me based on the last fight I can’t pick Yarde.


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