Lyndon Arthur versus Anthony Yarde 2 breakdown

This should be a solid fight though one where I didn’t feel a rematch was needed as Arthur clearly won the fight and as the fight wasn’t for a world title I didn’t see the need for a rematch clause. This fight should be better than the first as both fighters have had a yearContinue reading “Lyndon Arthur versus Anthony Yarde 2 breakdown”

Anthony Yarde versus Alex Theran breakdown

This should be a short fight as Anthony Yarde is levels above Theran and has real knockout power. Alex Theran is a former middleweight who now competes as a light heavyweight. He’s been stopped multiple times and it seems every time he steps up a level he gets stopped fairly quickly. Anthony Yarde struggles toContinue reading “Anthony Yarde versus Alex Theran breakdown”

Anthony Yarde versus Lyndon Arthur breakdown

This should be a competitive fight over twelve rounds between two good British Light Heavyweights. While a lot of people feel Lyndon Arthur’s jab will trouble Yarde I personally think Yarde won’t have too much trouble getting past it and landing his power punches. I don’t think Arthur is that hard to hit and againstContinue reading “Anthony Yarde versus Lyndon Arthur breakdown”

Anthony Yarde versus Dec Spelman breakdown.

This is seen as a bit of a tune up fight for Yarde after being out the ring for so long. Spelman will certainly come to win though hes matched very hard here. I think Spelman is stylistically perfect for Yarde as he comes forward with limited head movement and is very open to uppercuts.Continue reading “Anthony Yarde versus Dec Spelman breakdown.”