Gervonta Davis versus Isaac Cruz breakdown

Gervonta Davis, one of boxing’s brightest young stars, makes his return to the ring on Sunday the 5th of December versus fast rising contender Isaac Cruz. The original fight was supposed to be Gervonta Davis versus Rolando Romero but Romero had a slue of sexual assault accusations made against him and Showtime wisely pulled him out of the fight. I’m glad they made that decision because unfortunately boxing has made a habit of allowing fighters who abuse Women especially to still fight and seemingly have no consequences to their careers. Isaac Cruz stepped up and accepted the fight on relatively short notice but the young Mexican was in training already so the short notice shouldn’t be a problem come fight night. I think this fight is an upgrade over Rolando Romero as I don’t rate Romero very highly and it felt like a way of cashing Romero out after hes looked mediocre in recent fights.

Gervonta Davis is a massive puncher and places his shots well. Over the course of a fight he’ll find his timing and start to up the pressure as the fight goes on until he eventually KO’s whoever his opponent is. In this fight his major weapons will be his left uppercut and his jab which have both been solid tools hes used throughout his career. Isaac Cruz has a bad habit of coming into range with no jab or feints which will make it easy for Tank to counter him with left uppercuts or keep him at range behind a jab. Isaac Cruz also likes to load up on his left and right hooks which he’ll often throw in combination, he puts everything behind the hooks which leaves him very vulnerable to counters. Doing this versus a skilled boxer with power who’s been shown to be a decent counter puncher seems like a recipe for disaster.

Gervonta Davis

Isaac Cruz does have some things going for him in this fight even though I’ve been fairly negative about his chances of victory. He’s the first pure pressure that Gervonta Davis has ever faced which could make things interesting if Davis doesn’t handle Cruz being in his face constantly well. He throws in combination and understands that if you miss with the first punch you’ll likely land with the second or third. He’s got no real pressure on him in this fight as few people expect him to win and a loss doesn’t hurt his stock at all while a victory propels him into stardom.

Isaac Cruz

I think Gervonta Davis will stop Isaac Cruz in five or six rounds after landing numerous counter left uppercuts when Cruz attempts to force his way into range. I can envision Tank landing that punch and hurting Cruz but it’s hard too see Cruz having as much success with his own offence when he doesn’t set it up behind a jab or any sort of feints. Davis can control this fight with his jab and make Cruz reset again and again as he tries to get into range as he’s the smaller man in this match up. I think stylistically this fight suits Gervonta Davis as Cruz will come at him and won’t be hard to find with his power punches which will lead to an early stoppage for Davis as hes simply to big of a puncher for Cruz to take his punches for any length of time.


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