Carlos Canizales versus German Valenzuela breakdown

This is a good fight between a dangerous puncher in Canizales and a rising contender in Valenzuela. Canizales looked rusty in his last fight but was starting to get back to his usual self until he was brutally knocked out by Esteban Bermudez. German Valenzuela is coming off a win but recently lost a fight to Jose Javier Torres who is around fringe world level.

Carlos Canizales is a fairly big puncher for the weight but generally breaks his opponents down rather than taking them out with one punch. He has underrated boxing ability and will likely try to use that in this fight especially after getting stopped in his previous one.

German Valenzuela isn’t the biggest puncher but has respectable power and throws with mean intentions. He loves throwing the overhand right and can rattle off some good combinations when he gets up close but often smothers his own work. After landing one or two punches he’ll fall in and lose any of the momentum he was building. His defence is fairly standard with a little head movement but nothing spectacular.

German Valenzuela

I think Carlos Canizales will win a decision after ten rounds due to having more ways to win. If he wants to box his way to a victory I think he’s capable of doing so in this match up and if he wants to break Valenzuela down I also think he can do that. Canizales is technically better and will make less mistakes, I also expect Canizales to be at his best as hes no longer rusty and knows he needs to win this fight.


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