Alen Babic versus Eric Molina breakdown

On paper this is a step up for Babic but may end up being one of his easier fights. Eric Molina has competed at world level and while he’s mostly lost when stepping up hes still clearly fought at a better level than Babic. The problem is hes 39 and doesn’t seem to have the will to dig deep to win anymore. He looked good against Wardley until he was finished in a strange sequence but I think that was more to do with Wardley letting Molina have success than Molina having a career resurgence. Wardley wouldn’t let his hands go which is generally all you need to do to beat Molina at this point unfortunately.

Eric Molina

I think Babic will fight like he usually does and will overwhelm Molina in two or three rounds. Molina won’t want to keep taking the punches after the first round and will take a 10 count. The only way I see Babic losing is if he doesn’t have a good chin and takes a big counter right hand as he’s coming in without moving his head, it would also have to be in the first round before Molina gets tired.


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