Tursynbay Kulakhmet versus Juan Carlos Abreu breakdown

This is a decent step up for Kulakhmet who is a fast rising prospect in the super welterweight division. He’s only 4-0 but is stepping up to a fight with Abreu who has been a solid gatekeeper for years. Abreu is moving up for this fight but was a big welterweight so it shouldn’t be to much of an issue.

Kulakhmet is technically sound though has been known to jump in to much without setting up his punches and has let opponents who aren’t on his level off the hook after hurting them a few times. Juan Carlos Abreu is a big puncher who’s only losses have been at world level and in a few of those losses hes put in good performances. I do think hes on the decline at this point but should still be dangerous early on versus Kulakhmet.

Juan Carlos Abreu

I think Tursynbay Kulakhmet will win by decision after ten rounds due to landing the harder and more effective punches over ten rounds. I think Abreu will struggle with Kulakhmet’s angles and will struggle to bridge the gap with his power as Kulakhmet is a decent puncher himself.


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