Jamel Herring versus Shakur Stevenson breakdown

This is an excellent fight between the WBO super featherweight world champion Jamel Herring and former featherweight world champion Shakur Stevenson. In this fight Stevenson will be trying to become a two weight world champion while Herring is trying to get the biggest win of his career which will elevate him into big unification fights and even the verge of the top 10 p4p.

Jamel Herring is an underrated fighter with a good jab and solid fundamentals. He’s very tall for the weight but makes it without a problem. He’s not the biggest puncher in the world but the accuracy on his shots has led to him scoring knockdowns and knockouts over opponents he wasn’t expected to.

Jamel Herring

Shakur Stevenson is one of the best pure boxers in the sport but still needs to rise up to meet the expectations put on him. He is risk averse and this leads to boring fights because his opponents often aren’t good enough to pressure him effectively and he makes them miss for twelve rounds.

I think in the end the skill gap will be to much and Stevenson will out-box Herring over twelve rounds. Herring’s a good fighter but Stevenson is very hard to hit and in a boxing match at range I see Stevenson picking Herring off for twelve rounds. My prediction is Shakur Stevenson on points in what will probably be a fairly boring fight.


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