Fiodor Czerkaszyn versus Gonzalo Gaston Coria breakdown

Czerkaszyn is one of the best prospects in the middleweight division and a fighter I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while. He’s got a good skill set which involves breaking his opponents down combined with great timing. I think his power is decent for the division though he’ll never be a massive puncher.

Gonzalo Gaston Coria is a tough fighter from Argentina with a lot of experience for a 24 year old. He isn’t quite as skilled as Czerkaszyn especially when looking at their footwork and punch selection. I also don’t think he has much power especially for a middleweight.

Gonzalo Gaston Coria

I personally think Fiodor Czerkaszyn will win by knockout in the sixth or seventh round due to consistent body work which will break Coria down. Coria has come in on fairly short notice as well so may not be fully prepared.


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