Reshat Mati versus Vladyslav Baranov breakdown

This should be a decent learning fight for Mati who is a rising prospect in the Welterweight division. Baranov has a record of 7-10-2 but is a better fighter than that suggests. He’s tough and comes forward but has been out-boxed by skilled technical fighters in the past. Mati is a good boxer-puncher who’s clearly been improving as a pro since his debut. Mati’s wins over Dennis Okoth and Ryan Pino were clear step ups in competition and this will be much of the same. Mati who is based in America will be fighting for the first time in Italy in this fight.

Vladyslav Baranov

I think Reshat Mati should be able to out-box Baranov over eight rounds and win a decision. It wouldn’t surprise me if he got a late stoppage but I think Baranov should be able to get to the final bell. I think Mati is getting close to the stage where he can fight in ten rounders and pick up some ranking belts. He’s still a good two or three years from world level at the minimum but likely a bit longer in my opinion.


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