Chris Eubank Jr versus Anatoli Muratov breakdown

This fight headlines the first card from the BOXXER promotion since they signed a deal with Sky Sports to broadcast their cards. Matchroom, who had been working with Sky for the better part of three decades, didn’t renew their deal with Sky and instead took the more risky option of signing exclusively to Dazn. The streaming service has been throwing money at the sport in recent years and had already had a partnership with Matchroom in the United States and other territories.

Eubank should start a big favourite in this fight for a few reasons. The main reason being that he’s simply the better fighter who should have the tools to win through either boxing or brawling. Eubank is the bigger puncher of the two and is also decent enough technically that he should be able to pick his spots and out-box Muratov. I personally think it’s likely that Eubank starts fast and attempts to get a knockout due to the added exposure of a Sky main event and his limited opposition. He had a similiar opportunity in his last fight but instead chose for large periods of the fight to not punch and let his opponent, Marcos Morrision, off the hook even after hurting him badly. I think this came down to a mixture of wanting to get rounds and him trying out new things now that hes training with Roy Jones Jr. The second reason he should be a big favourite is because Muratov has come in on less than a weeks notice due to Eubank’s original opponent testing positive for Covid.

Anatoli Muratov

I expect Chris Eubank Jr to win by knockout with five or six rounds. He’ll hurt Muratov in an exchange and then finish him with a flurry when Muratov goes to the ropes. Hopefully Muratov doesn’t come to survive as that could make the fight a dull affair. I’ve heard rum rumors that if Eubank gets through this fight then he’ll be in a big fight in December so hopefully he can win this without getting cut.


2 thoughts on “Chris Eubank Jr versus Anatoli Muratov breakdown

  1. Can you make an early prediction on Ajagba – Sanchez. This fight is fireworks and i am really interested what is your point of view. Greetings.


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