Joe Pigford versus Isaac Aryee breakdown

This is a step up in competition for Pigford who has blasted his way through 16 of his 17 opponents within four rounds or less. Pigford is a huge puncher and it’s a shame it’s taken this long for him to get a big time promoter with a TV deal behind him. Isaac Aryee is also a big puncher though has been inactive in recent years. He came back to the sport recently with a few domestic wins in Ghana but before that hadn’t fought anyone coming to win since Zhankosh Turanov in 2016. He was stopped in four rounds that night but has had four years to get better and at only 28 I presume he’ll have got a lot better.

Isaac Aryee

Both fighters arn’t great defensively though Aryee normally keeps his gloves up and doesn’t expose himself quite as much when going on the attack. They are both big punchers though I would lean towards Pigford being the bigger puncher of the two. This is a step up for Pigford who hasn’t been in a competitive fight for a few years now, the same goes for Aryee. I think this fight will come down to who catches who first but I do favour Pigford to overwhelm Aryee in the 3rd or 4th round due to how much he throws. For Aryee to win he needs to catch Pigford while he’s overextended throwing punches as Pigford has a bad habit of being very out of position and open to counters when going on any sort of sustained offence.


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