Ukashir Farooq versus Luis Gerardo Castillo breakdown

This is a good fight between two talented bantamweight contenders. Ukashir Farooq is 15-1 with his only loss being a controversial loss to Lee McGregor. Luis Gerardo Castillo is 28-2 with 18 knockouts. His two losses are apparently controversial though I can’t find any footage of them to verify that.

Ukashir Farooq is a great fighter to watch as he brings the old style on in fighting back. He’s normally smooth with his defence as well but did get hit a lot in his last fight. He’s not the biggest puncher but is completely relentless and can wear guys down with volume.

From all accounts Luis Gerardo Castillo is a come forward fighter with respectable power. Zanfer promotions have helped him get this opportunity which is a good indicator that he can fight. I do think his record is extremely padded and he seems to have struggled with a few of the domestic journeymen in Mexico.

Luis Gerardo Castillo

I expect Ukashir Farooq to win a decision after twelve rounds, or ten, due to his relentless pressure and how good he is at fighting on the inside. It should be competitive but I think Farooq has more to his game than Castillo and that will show. Castillo has a great story as he is both mute and deaf, yet still competes as a boxer and has invented his own sign language with his coach.


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