Raymond Ford versus Reece Bellotti breakdown

This is an excellent fight between rising prospect Raymond Ford and long time domestic contender Reece Bellotti. Ford fought to a draw in his last fight versus unbeaten Aaron Perez though could have easily won the fight in my opinion. Reece Bellotti has lost his last two fights though to good opposition in Jordan Gill and Francesco Grandelli.

Raymond Ford is a good technical boxer who prefers to box rather than brawl. Defensively he’s quite good though did get hit a lot more in his last fight when he stepped up the competition. I think he’ll have learn’t a lot from that fight as it was a good competitive eight rounds. He’s not a big puncher especially compared to Bellotti.

Reece Bellotti has the experience advantage but isn’t as good technically as Ford. Bellotti is a fairly big puncher for featherweight but needs to set his punches up to land those shots which hes struggled to do in his last four significant fights.

Reece Bellotti

I think Raymond Ford will win a decision after ten rounds due to being technically sharper, he should also be able to use his footwork and defensive skills to avoid Bellotti’s power punches for the most part. Bellotti has a punchers chance but I don’t think he’ll pull it off in this fight.


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